SharpFede Communicator

SharpFede Communicator 1.01

A Java-based social network


  • Combines social and communication apps
  • Multi-functionality


  • Specific user base


SharpFede Communicator is a combination of a social network and communication app.

The app allows you to communicate with friends with features like voice, instant messaging, and even sending files. The social networking side of SharpFede Communicator is like Facebook where you can talk with friends, join pages or groups called "Tribes," and search for more content.

Since the app is an all-in-one, the features work across both the social and communication parts of the app so you do not need another app. For a Java device, SharpFede Communicator is a great option that takes in account the limitations of the aging devices.

SharpFede Communicator is a great option for users who are looking for an alternative to Facebook.

Send FREE video and voice. Share files. Chat and socialize on hot social network and much more

Offerring the best of both social and communication worlds, SharpFede unites a beautiful and intuitive user interface with communication features like video, voice, file send, IM/chat and social features like friends, tribes(pages and groups), tagging, microblogging, search; thus greatly extending your ability to communicate and connect with others with your mobile device. The communication and social features work seamlessly with each other to create an amazing user experience that is as gratifying as its original utilitarian function, communication. Voice, video and file send have tagging features. Micro-blog posts called “Fedes” can tag users and tribes one has joined.

SharpFede Communicator has a beautfiul and intuitive user interface that makes use a breeze. The service is offered on java mobile so you can get amazing service without having to use a high end smart phone.

Users that use phones that have java mobile. Users that need to communicate with their contacts in numerous and more efficient ways exclusively on mobile

SharpFede Communicator


SharpFede Communicator 1.01

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